Why Fizz is The Next Big Thing

College students are our favorite customers. They wake up and the first thing most will do is grab coffee at their favorite place. My roommate would walk fifteen minutes every day to grab her iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts, at the New Brunswick Train Station. Even though the snow. The next thing is we'll hop on the bus or walk to class with our entire site blocked by the phone in front of us, shopping, watching tv, scrolling through TikTok, watching Snapchat stories, or honestly looking up the answers to their pop quiz. Social Media Marketing feels too saturated in college. We're aware of pyramid schemes and the fake "sugar account" offering quick money.

Fizz is the next Facebook and here's why. Yik Yak a popular app averaged 100 likes pre-post. Allowing users to post anonymously on their platform, respond to comments. But that's about it. They offered Yakarma that encouraged users to stay on their platform and engage. I was a user to just look at it. It became a topic starter and could last an entire night as the center of the conversation.

Fizz respectfully blew YikYak out of the water. This by far is some of the best marketing I've seen at Rutgers in a LONG time. Their app in itself has more features like adding photos, polls, and conversation-starting topics. They also have a save featured, and direct message. My prediction is that this is going to be the next Facebook but with unanimous profiles - somewhat representing a Twitter and meme page. Just like Facebook in the beginning this platform is only available to students with a valid edu email.

Fizz took the campus by storm with free donuts, t-shirts, and just about everyone was posting about it. The absolute perfect launch. I started to hear about my friend's endorsing it and posting about it and the memes were hilarious. I thought for sure this would have had more downloads. Rutgers is now a majority of the downloads along with Stanford college where two incredibly talented students started this app. Their ambassador's effortlessly launched the app today and I predict it's about to BLOW UP.

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